Voice Over Demos
Jeff Gurner & Andrew Totolos

Roger's Take:  Great demos require artful direction, skillful editing and mixing, and creative and bold choices for copy and sound design.  Apesauce is all that, and you get the benefit of 30 combined years of VO experience working for you.  If you have the talent, they will help you create your masterpiece!!

Voice Over Classes and Demos
Ed Lewis

Roger's Take:  Ed Lewis will make you better.  He is a dynamic instructor who will kick your highest gear up another notch, regardless of your experience.  VO veterans come to him for his insight, while casting companies hire him to improve their product.  He has represented, directed, and taught the best in the business.  So what exactly are you waiting for?

Recommended by Top Agents & Casting Directors. Take the Weekend Intensive... like NOW! Seriously, do NOT spend another DIME on the Industry until you do! This Intensive is INTENSE and covers EVERY aspect of the Industry from top to bottom.


Roger's Take:  Peter Pamela Rose's Acting Business Bootcamp is ESSENTIAL.  Why just survive this tumultuous business, when you can thrive by having a successful career?  The days of agents parenting you are over.  The days of casting directors holding your fate in their hands are over.  Take charge of your career.  Learn from PPR!  She is a guardian angel!

Carrie Faverty
Class is in a professional commercial recording studio. Work with various types of commercial copy.  I bring in a talent agent to hear you read and give feedback.  You get to keep the takes from class.
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Roger's Take:  You ever sit around  and think... "Hmmm... if only there was a single day event where I could explore the world of voice-overs, learn the valuable lessons that only an extremely talented casting director can teach me, and meet an agent who is looking for great talent..."?  Boom.  Welcome to Carrie Faverty's Voice-Over Bootcamp.  Find out what you're made of.

MN Acting Studio - Matt Newton
On-camera classes, private coaching, professional audition taping, and Skype coaching for all ages and levels.

Roger's Take:  Remember those teachers you had, who were just "born to teach"??  They cared.  They articulated.  They made you want to understand.  They went the extra mile.  Matt Newton is that guy.  Lean on his experience and knowledge to help guide you towards turning auditions into bookings.  Take a look at what he offers and get down to the MN Acting Studio asap!

My Home Studios - Tyrell Harrell

Roger's Take:  If you have questions about or need Home Studio Design or Construction, email Tyrell!  I suggest doing this before you make costly errors, but Tyrell is such a gentleman, he won't even laugh at you if you don't listen to that advice!

Logo & Website Design
Jonathan Manierre & Ryan Doran

Roger's Take:  The BEST!  Turkois Design will blow your mind.  Do you dig this website?  They developed it.  Do you like my logo?  They designed it.  Do you want the Earth's rotation to reverse?  They can probably do that, too.  The best investment the VO Syndicate ever made was working with Turkois!