Each of our class offerings meet once a week for 6 weeks in a Midtown Manhattan Studio, and have a lively, fun atmosphere.

Class size is limited to 9 students to ensure a great experience.  All classes taught by Roger Becker.

The Art and the Business of Commercial Voice-over - Level 1

This class is designed for all skill levels including those who are new to the world of voice-overs. We will focus on commercials only, but we will cover multiple styles within the medium, including:

  • Short/Long form copy
  • Character/Announcer/Testimonial work
  • Solo/Group scripts
  • Television vs Radio

We will help you find your relatable sound in this current age of advertising, while making you comfortable with the audition experience. You will learn microphone technique, tips to help you break through, and you will be led by a veteran of the business who genuinely cares about your educational experience and growth in the industry.

MEETS: Monday nights from 6:30 - 8:45 PM

COST: $375

Expanding Your Range and Defining Your Sound - Level 2

This class is designed for those who are looking to broaden their scope of voice-over work.  We will make further advancements in your commercial training, but also attack other avenues of the business that may prove to expand your voice-over revenue.  Topics include:

  • Pharmaceutical Commercial Copy
  • Financial/Insurance Commercial Copy
  • Promos
  • Audio Books w/ Industry Guest
  • Video Games
  • Home Studio Information

As with all classes at the VO Syndicate, we create a positive atmosphere where actors want to perform their best.  And we will show you how to take that energy with you!

MEETS: THURSDAY nights from 6:30 - 8:45 PM   **Beginning in the Fall 2015

COST: $400

Flexible and friendly policy for make-up classes!  We don't mind hearing that you have to miss a class because you booked a job!



"What sets Roger apart from other teachers I have trained with is his passion for his craft, his wealth of knowledge, and his commitment to teaching each student in a manner that will make them fundamentally a better voice over artist. Period.

The lessons that Roger provided were pitch perfect with what I came to expect in the actual auditioning booth. The transition from class to audition was simply seamless because Roger structures his classes so that his students are actually auditioning every week.

The best part about taking Roger's class is that his help didn't stop at the door. When class was finished he continued to help me mold and shape my career. Roger has been instrumental in me breaking into the business. It was his personal reference to a top tier agency that made it possible for me to even begin auditioning for voice overs in New York. Even when I moved out to Los Angeles, Roger was no more than an email away to help me find footing on firm ground."


"Roger's class gave me the confidence and the street cred to freelance with a top commercial agent, create a stellar demo reel and actually share it with people, sign with an awesome top tier agency and book major work. 

Most importantly, when I walk into his studio to audition, I know he knows who I am I what I can do. I know he's always rooting for me to kick ass and book the job and that's an awesome feeling."



"Roger really helped me hone my skills and gave me such confidence in my self that I now feel "invincible" in the audition room.  Oh yeah, and he also helped me get some killer voice over representation.  So, yeah that's pretty freaking great.

I wish there were more teachers out there who took as much of an interest in their students' success as Roger Becker.  He not only gives you the skills to pay the bills, but he helps you get the opportunities to pay the bills as well.  He's truly a one-of-a-kind.

I've studied with a lot of different teachers.  But, Roger Becker stands out as one of the most dedicated to truly helping people unlock their talent.  He's honest, smart, and hilarious.  If you want to work in VO, do yourself a huge favor and study with Roger."



"His honesty and knowledge of the profession teach lessons for the "real world". His sense of humor made class truly enjoyable. He is the first teacher who has offered to assist in any way after our classes were over and actually kept his word! 

I have gained the courage to take risks in the booth, I normally liked to play things safe. I learned to have FUN!  

I have been sent out on more auditions and out of house auditions than ever before."



Performers of all ages and experience enjoy working with the VO Syndicate.  

We treat everyone with respect and we foster an atmosphere for professional actors.