For over 15 years, I have been creating relationships between voices + products.  Voice-Over Casting is as much about artful direction, as it is about access to the right performers for your individual project.  At the VO Syndicate, every level of consideration will be given to your job to present you a multitude of wonderful options, spanning the spectrum of creative performance.  

  • Our performer database is extensive, and covers all of the best actors/actresses working in the US and Canada today.  And we grow that database everyday.
  • We can help you find Union or Non Union voices.
  • We will help you find voices for commercials, video games, animation, promos, narration, audio books, industrials, award show media, stadium/arena productions, and also for live show announcers.
  • We strive for full cooperation between our team and yours!  From asking the important questions early on to offering feedback on selects… we can help you see the project’s voice recording all the way through to the end.  
  • We can help you connect to the newest talent around or the established celebrity voice you seek.  
  • Our pricing is based on your specific job.  We don’t force your project to fit into our rates, but rather cater an experience to suit your needs while ensuring that every detail is handled professionally.


Performers of all ages and experience enjoy working with the VO Syndicate.  We treat everyone with respect and we foster an atmosphere for professional actors.  


Find OUT how the VO Syndicate can benefit your DIRECTING PROCESS!

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